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      Manufacturer SHINING3D provides advanced digital 3D printing solutions, from laboratory 3D scanners and intraoral 3D scanners, CAD software to dental 3D printers.

      The AccuFab series offers the user the highest printing precision using the SLA 3D printing process.

      The AccuFab L4K SLA 3D printer is even able to meet IT7 standards, which means that the layer structure can no longer be seen on the printed models.

      The dental 3D printers in the series were specially developed to meet the needs of orthopedic technicians and dentists and meet their high requirements. The "Accuware" 3D printing software for the AccuFab line of dental 3D printers is a complete, ready-to-use tool for print configuration and management, with a user-friendly interface. The "dental cloud" enables communication between clinics, dental laboratories and you by using the online storage platform Shining 3D to transmit your data.

      The AccuFab series has a large installation space of up to 192 x 120 x 180 mm (models: L4K and L4D) and a high resolution of 3840×2400 pixels (4K) with a pixel size of 0.05 mm. In combination with a minimum layer thickness of 0.025 mm, even the finest details can be displayed without any problems. In principle, the use of resins from third-party suppliers is possible, but please note the manufacturer's specifications.

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