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Special 3D printing filament


      In this category you will find special filaments that differ from the basic types of material due to their properties and composition.

      Whether filament made of stainless steel, wood, carbon fiber, Kevlar, ESD-capable materials or optically fine glitter filament, you will find high-quality printing material from well-known manufacturers from all over the world.

      Check out the following variants from Polymaker's Specialty line:

      The PolyMaker PolySmooth filament to achieve an almost invisible layer structure in post-processing.

      The Polymaker PolyWood filaments stand for an authentic and optically very attractive wood look - for lifelike print models.

      Polymaker PC-PBT filaments are used in the technical field, with a high heat resistance and toughness against the effects of cold, this product is ideal for industrial applications.

      The Polymaker PolySupport is an excellent support material, suitable for a variety of print materials to support overhangs and complex structures.

      Polymaker Polycast is the first filament specifically designed for investment casting to create metalworking tools.

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