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      Zaxe is a Turkish manufacturer of desktop 3D printers, which has developed rapidly on the Turkish market since its foundation in 2015 and has now also achieved increasing international recognition. With the latest Z series, which includes the Z3, the company has already started to increase its presence abroad through micro-exports to America, Canada, Azerbaijan and the GCC countries. The 3D printers from Zaxe are characterized by their high level of user-friendliness, fully automatic print calibration, high printing speeds of up to 300 mm/s (Z3 3D printer) and an extruder that can be heated up to 300°C, with which numerous technical materials can be processed . In addition to these features, there are numerous other points worth mentioning, such as a flexible construction platform and large, clear touch screens. The only difference between the X series and the new Z series is its size.

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