Description PET-G CF

It has a very low shrinkage factor and is therefore suitable for large format prints. With a suitable selection of the printing parameters, the printing layers are perfectly connected, which guarantees the best printing quality. CarbonFiber PET-G has a high chemical resistance to acids, alkalis and water. The printing process is free of all unpleasant odors, and an adequate temperature profile also enables so-called jerk-free printing .

quick info

• Excellent adhesion between layers

• Material for advanced users

• Glossy printing surface

• High mechanical strength

• Low fiber formation

• High dimensional accuracy of the printed parts

• High transparency

Scope of delivery:
  • Filament in the selected color
  • Filament sealed in protective film with "Silica Gel" desiccant bag protected from moisture

Color on request according to RAL or PANTONE? No problem, contact us.