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Step into innovation with our 3D printing production line. We specialize in professional project analysis and consulting to bring your ideas to life.

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3D Printing

Explore the boundless world of 3D printing.

Embrace the ease of 3D printing with us. Collaborate with us to bring your project to life using cutting-edge 3D printing technologies. We specialize in FDM, SLS, SLA, DMLS, and PolyJet, offering diverse options to suit your needs. With a state-of-the-art 3D printer fleet and a team of seasoned engineers, we guarantee the utmost quality for your 3D prints.

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3D Scanning

Leverage Cutting-Edge 3D Scanning Technologies for Unprecedented Precision.

Our scanners have impressive accuracy up to 0.05 mm and use the most recent technologies. Whether your project involves small, intricate models or larger structures spanning from 0.05 m to 4 m, our 3D scanning capabilities have you covered.

Capture the essence of every detail as we provide you with meticulously measured 3D models of virtually any object. These prints may be smoothly transferred into CAD programs for additional modification and optimization before being brought to fruition via 3D printing.

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Our 3D printing technology consultation service ensures a tailored approach to meet your requirements. The process begins by understanding your needs and identifying the most suitable 3D printing technology. Following this, we carefully select the optimal materials and printing parameters. The culmination of our service involves providing you with a complimentary estimate for the 3D printing service in your chosen technology.

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Post- Processing

To enhance the visual and tactile appeal of 3D printing and elevate its overall value, we provide a range of chemical and mechanical processing options. Our modeling services include folding or gluing prints, chemical treatments, mechanical refinements, UV exposure for resin prints, rotational polishing (SLS), surface dyeing (SLS), mudding and sanding, and painting and varnishing. These techniques ensure that your 3D prints meet and exceed your expectations.

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3D Modelling

The CAD model creation process commences with the reception of technical documentation from the customer. Subsequently, a digital 3D model is generated, tailored explicitly for future printing using the chosen 3D printing technology. The commonly utilized formats for crafting digital models encompass IGS, OBJ, STP, X_T, STL, AutoCAD, CATIA, STEP, REVIT, IronCAD, FreeCAD, SAT, PARASOLID, NX, Blender, ACIS, 3DMAX, CREO, ArchiCAD, IGES, Inventor, SolidEdge, SolidWorks, Rhino, ThinkDesign, ZW3D, SketchUp, and various others.

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