BCN3D Epsilon W27/W50 Bundle

BCN3D Epsilon W27/W50 Bundle

The BCN3D Epsilon series will soon be available in a bundle with the new Smart Cabinet. The BCN3D Smart Cabinet serves as a dehumidifier and storage unit for up to 8 spools of filament (750g - 1 kg).

The Smart Cabinet is easy to integrate and significantly increases the performance of 3D printing by regulating the humidity of the filaments. In addition, the service life of your filaments increases, which are always in optimal condition for the printing process.

Advantages of the Smart Cabinet:

• Continuous extrusion

• No formation of vapor bubbles

• Smooth surfaces

• No string formation

The BCN3D Smart Cabinet also offers an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) unit. The UPS protects your print job from sudden power failures because it saves the last position of your print job and continues it seamlessly.

In addition to the generous storage space for storing materials, a tool drawer is also integrated, which contains all the utensils you need for 3D printing with BCN3D. You will even find a platform for storing a laptop or tablet.

advantages vs. other drying processes :

  • Ideal for all materials
  • Low energy consumption
  • 10 small spool storage slots (4 for large filament spools)
  • Prints when stored dry in a humidity-controlled environment, dries without heat.
  • No wearing parts

Conclusion: The Smart Cabinet is an indispensable component for the BCN3D Epsilon series when the focus is on component quality and repeatability of the print results. With the bundle offer, you receive a fully-fledged and powerful overall package for excellent results at industry level.

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