Kimya PEBA-S - 3D Material-Shop
Kimya PEBA-S - 3D Material-Shop
Kimya PEBA-S - 3D Material-Shop
Kimya PEBA-S - 3D Material-Shop

Kimya PEBA-S


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Kimya PEBA-S Filament

Flexible 3D printing material with excellent mechanical properties and easy processing.

PEBA (Polyether Block Amide) is a thermoplastic high-performance elastomer that can replace various elastomers such as polyurethane, polyester elastomers or silicone. The raw material on which the Kimya PEBA-S filament is based comes from the French chemical company Arkema and is also known under the brand name PEBAX.


  • High elongation at break
  • Very soft, flexible material
  • Easy to print

Advantages of Kimya PEBA-S Filament

The filament has a shore hardness of 93A. Despite this value, it is subjectively one of the softest materials on the market. Kimya PEBA-S has many similar properties to a silicone (e.g. slip resistance), which clearly distinguishes it from other flexible materials such as TPU. In addition, the printing material has a high elongation at break and is very light. PEBA-S can also be easily printed with Bowden-style extruders. However, the printing speed should be reduced and the fans deactivated if necessary.

Applications for Kimya PEBA-S Filament

PEBA is often used for the shoes or soles of athletes. In addition, the material is used for all damping or spring applications, such as shock absorbers . Due to the high resistance of the material to extreme weather (low temperatures, UV light and moisture), PEBA is also used for ski boots . In the field of medicine, the material is used to make catheters and prostheses .

material PEBA
print nozzle temperature
240 - 260°C
print bed temperature 85 - 95°C
print speed
25 - 50mm/s
Special features
light polymer, high elongation at break
Special Precautions
Disable fan

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