DLP Resine - 3d druck

Our 3D printing resin in 3 variants

Are you looking for high-quality resin with the best repeatability and high level of detail in your 3D printed products?

Our DLP Resine in 3 variants, including Standard , Flex and Dental, offer you a solution for almost every application.

We offer standard resin with a high resolution and particularly fast curing in 6 different colors.

Flex Resin was specially created for 3D printing applications where high impact and bending strength is required. The Flex Resin is available in 8 different colors.

Dental Resin was developed for applications in dental laboratories and is available in the color skin-colored.

All DLP Resins are UV-sensitive and offer high-resolution, smooth surfaces for the production of ultra-realistic models and components.


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