Raise3D Pro3 Serie - jetzt vorbestellbar

Raise3D Pro3 series - now available for pre-order

The new Raise3D Pro3 series is improved in a number of points compared to the previous model. With a focus on ease of use, productivity and print quality, the Raise3D Pro3 series stands out from the competition in the same price segment.

Note: The first systems will be delivered from January 2022. Further delivery delays cannot be ruled out.

Pro3 series is equipped with independent modular extruder with dual extrusion structure. You have the possibility to process a wide range of filaments and reduce possible clogging of the nozzle. The printing of abrasive and non-abrasive materials, or with different nozzle diameters, is now made easier by the simplified exchange/disassembly of the hotend system. This reduces downtimes and increases flexibility enormously.

Raise3D Pro3 dual extruders

The Raise3D Pro3 series now offers automatic bed leveling compared to its predecessor to achieve precise print bed alignment. Consistent quality and repeatable results ensure industry-level 3D printing and minimize print preparation time.

The new Airflow Manager helps to keep temperatures and air circulation in the build space constant. Combined with the HEPA filter, the air inside the chamber is filtered and cleaned.

Air Flow Manager Raise3D Pro3

Also new is EVE, an intelligent assistant that can guide the user to locate and fix problems that could affect the current print job. It also has a feature that analyzes printer usage and reminds users of planned interventions to ensure printer maintenance is done in a timely manner.

Raise3d Pro3 EVE Smart assistant
Raise3D is the first company in its segment to introduce such a feature, revolutionizing the user experience of professional 3D printers.

The Raise3D Pro3 series is now available for pre-order!

The first devices will be delivered from January 2022. Further delivery delays cannot be ruled out.

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