"Wanhao Box 2" drying and storage box for filaments

Fits most 500gr - 1kg filament spools

Touchscreen control where you can set temperature and drying time. In addition, the Wanhao Box 2 can also monitor the humidity.

Function to measure how much filament is left. Enter the empty weight and the filament density - the Wanhao Box 2 will show you how many meters of filament you have left.

From now on you can dare to use the last few meters of your spool!

  • 4 filament feed ports 1.75 - 3.00mm
  • Automatic humidity controlled storage with digital display
  • Adjustable heating up to 60 °
  • Perfect for Nylon, ABS, TPU, PVA etc.
  • Accurate Weight System - Let you know how many meters of filament you have left
  • LED function light - visible at night
  • Touch Screen Control - Easy to use
  • Automatic security system - stops
  • Recommended drying time for filaments

Overview of the drying time of different materials

PLA 45℃(113℉)>4h

ABS 60℃(140℉)>2h

PETG 65℃(149℉)>2h

Nylon 70℃(158℉)>12h

Desiccant 65℃(149℉)>3h

The time may differ if the filament has more moisture to begin with.