Buy this cheap and easy-to-use DLP 3D printer and enjoy high-performance resin 3D printing. With the Wanhao Duplicator D8 you can create precise and high-resolution 3D prints. With this great additive manufacturing machine you can achieve advanced production quality with DLP resins. It is perfect for beginners, educators and users who need cheap, precise and stable production quality.

Key features of the Wanhao Duplicator D8:

  • Very user-friendly and precise UV DLP 3D printer
  • Perfect for beginners and users who want inexpensive resin 3D printing.
  • Simply upload your 3D models via Wifi or USB stick.
  • Use the innovative built-in slicer. How to cut your models directly onto the device.
  • Large 3D printing size: 190 x 120 x 180 mm allows large parts to be 3D printed.
  • High resolution - Up to 35 microns - ensures you can produce fine details.
  • Additive manufacturing with resin gives you more freedom of choice when it comes to different material properties.

Users of this UV DLP Resin 3D Printer:

The D8 offers a very wide range of materials and use cases. Due to the fact that there are now a variety of resins on the market. One can use different resins to change tasks and challenges. The resin market is developing so fast that the scope of DLP 3D printers is expanding rapidly. The following users can work with the Wanhao Duplicator D8.

  • Prosumers, doers & hobbyists
  • Teachers, educators & trainers
  • Designers & Architects
  • Handyman
  • Draftsmen & Engineers
  • Dentists & dental technicians

The perfect DLP 3D printer for prosumers, makers, teachers and educators

Are you an active prosumer or innovative teacher who enjoys 3D printing with resin technology? . Then you should choose the Wanhao Duplicator D8. This DLP 3D printer is affordable, reliable and accurate. It's a great crafting machine to get into tech at a good price. The robust construction guarantees a steep learning curve and a lot of fun while working. As you and your students progress further, you will achieve even better results. Tip: Try different DLP resins for a variety of material properties that suit your use cases.

Drag and drop your 3D model onto your DLP 3D printer via WiFi.

The tedious transfer of 3D models to your 3D printer via micro SD or USB stick is a thing of the past. Use your browser and simply drag and drop your 3D models onto the Wanhao Duplicator D8 wirelessly. If you prefer, you can still use your CAD flash drive to transfer your CAD data. This gives you more freedom of choice.

Cut straight to your 3D printer with the built-in slicer

This innovative UV DLP 3D printer has an integrated slicer. After dragging and dropping your CAD data onto the D8, you can slice your files directly onto the 3D printer. This makes cutting very convenient and easy.

Touchscreen for full control and easy monitoring

Simply select your settings and control the additive manufacturing process via the large touchscreen display. You can view production status and change settings if you like. You can easily monitor and fully control your Wanhao Duplicator D8.

When you buy the cheap Wanhao Duplicator D8 DLP 3D printer, you get an additive manufacturing machine with high accuracy and precision.