Description Nylon PA12


Polyamide PA12 - NYLON - is a material ideal for 3D printing in the automotive, electrical, electronics and sports industries. This filament is excellent for making industrial details such as bearings, bolts, gears, etc. because of its high abrasion resistance and high impact resistance. It has insulating properties and chemical resistance to lubricants and oils. In addition, it has the lowest hygroscopicity of the available polyamides.

quick info

• Excellent adhesion between layers

• Very high mechanical strength

• Material for advanced users

• Satin finish after printing

• Low fiber formation

• High 3D dimensional accuracy

Scope of delivery:
  • Filament in the selected color
  • Filament sealed in protective film with "Silica Gel" desiccant bag protected from moisture

Color on request according to RAL or PANTONE? No problem, contact us.