Features SL1 CW

The main features of the Original Prusa SL1


The SL1 uses a 5.5'' high-resolution LCD display with the physical resolution of 2560×1440p, resulting in 0.047mm per pixel, which is the fixed XY resolution. Thanks to the Trinamic driver and rigid Dural frame, the SL1 achieves a layer height of just 0.01 mm. However, most users should stay within the recommended range of 0.025 - 0.1 mm per layer.



A high-powered UV light cures one layer at a time, which takes about 6 seconds, and then the build platform is raised to allow the printer to begin creating another layer. This configuration allows us a maximum print area size of 120 × 68 × 150 mm (or 4.7 × 2.6 × 5.9 in.).


The SL1's detachable resin tank has a flexible, transparent FEP film on the underside. FEP material is cheap and we will have spare parts available through our e-shop. If you scratch or damage the FEP film in any way, replacing it is actually quite simple - just unscrew a few screws, remove the damaged film, and insert the new one.


You don't have to calibrate before every print! The pressure platform is connected to the main arm via a ball joint. So when you loosen them and start the automatic calibration, the acme-thread motor lowers the build platform until it gently hits the bottom of the resin tank.


we use a pretty smart design for the printer: its core is a rigid dural frame with a separate housing, which greatly improves stability and reliability. To put it simply, it's not another flimsy plastic thing. This thing is HEAVY! :)


SL1 features a unique level sensor located in the resin bed (also called "tank"). It helps you pour the optimal amount of polymer into the tank and it also notifies you when resin is running low and a refill is needed, preventing you from running out of resin mid-print.


SL1 has a sophisticated cooling system and a vapor extraction system. In case you didn't know, printing with SLA produces different fumes, which is why the printer also has a lid. However, good airflow is also important, so the printer has a fan with a quality filter at the back of the unit.


The entire device is controlled via a full color LCD touch screen and the G-codes can be uploaded via a USB stick. But there's also LAN and Wi-fi connectivity, which allows us to do some cool things alongside uploading G-codes - like the ability to control the printer from a web browser. Even on your phone!