Specifications SL1 CW


  • SLA system: LCD and UV LED
  • Supported materials: UV sensitive liquid resin, foreign resins are supported
  • 3D printer dimensions: 15.7×9.3×8.8 in / 400 × 237 × 225 mm
  • Printing area: 4.7×2.6×5.9 in / 120×68×150 mm
  • LCD display: 5.5''
  • Recommended layer height: 0.025-0.1 mm (variable layer height possible)
  • Minimum layer height: 0.01 mm
  • UV Wavelength: 405nm
  • Pixel size (resolution): 47um in XY axes
  • Light intensity: cca 990mW/m2
  • LED power consumption: 25W
  • Connectivity: USB, Wi-Fi, LAN, Touchscreen LCD control
  • Speed: 6 seconds per shift, independent of the shift size


  • One-time automatic calibration with quick-change pressure platform
  • Motorized tilting bed - prevents layer shifting, stirs the resin, allows for faster printing
  • Resin tank with flexible FEP foil - easy and inexpensive replacement
  • Quiet operation thanks to Trinamic drivers with auto-homing function
  • Advanced LCD cooling system improves performance and extends the life of internal components
  • Safety features: power panic, resin level sensor, fume extraction
  • Smart features and connectivity: LCD touchscreen, USB, Wi-fi, LAN, online monitoring via web browser, PrusaSlicer software
  • 500ml bottle of resin included
  • External hardening and washing machine (sold separately or as a package)

Warranty Information

The pre-assembled Original Prusa SL1 printer comes with a 24-month warranty for end customers in the EU and 12 months for businesses and non-EU customers.

The Original Prusa SL1 mounting kit offers a 24-month warranty on the functionality of individual parts for end users in the EU and a 12-month warranty for companies and non-EU customers.

Wear class components and consumables are excluded from this warranty. The warranty period begins on the day the customer receives the goods.

WARNING: The exposure display and FEP film are normal consumable parts that are not covered by our standard warranty. Instead, the warranty on the exposure display extends to a maximum of 500 hours of printing - the SLA 3D printing process on the Original Prusa SL1 is considered standard for the use and exploitation of the original display. The FEP film is guaranteed for 10 cycles (print jobs). When used properly according to the instructions in the official guides (e.g. this manual), the life expectancy of the FEP film is many times higher.

Neither the seller's liability for defective products nor the quality guarantee applies to printers or parts damaged by handling contrary to the instructions and recommendations in the official manuals and guides, or improper handling caused by unofficial modifications, such as modifications to hardware or software.

Original Prusa Curing and Washing Machine (CW1)

Original Prusa Hardening and Washing Machine (CW1) is a standalone and recommended accessory for the Original Prusa SL1 .

The CW1 is a multipurpose device that takes care of pre- and post-processing: preheating the resin before printing, but also washing, drying and curing the printed model. This all-in-one device with well-built, compact body and smart design makes resin 3D printing a much more convenient and efficient process .

Objects printed from liquid resin tend to be a bit soft and sticky. In order to clean them and give them optimal surface properties, the objects must be washed, dried and cured. In this process, the object is washed in isopropyl alcohol, dried with hot air and cured with UV light. The Original Prusa Hardening and Washing Machine (CW1) can do all these jobs in 10 minutes.


The most significant features of Original Prusa CW1

RESIN PREHEAT (coming soon)

Resins tend to change state during storage, so shake the bottle well before printing. However, the CW1 can also preheat the resin prior to printing, bringing it to the ideal printing temperature and condition for the best performance of the SL1 and the resin itself. We are currently testing this feature, which should be available in the upcoming firmware update.


The finished print will need to be washed to remove the uncured resin from its surface. CW1 uses a stainless steel tank for isopropyl alcohol and a magneto propeller. The magnetic propeller movement moves the liquid so that it reaches every part of the model. Compared to ultrasonic cleaning, this process is less aggressive and works very well even with very small objects.


Drying a washed model is another feature of the multifunctional CW1. Before the washed model is cured with UV light, it must be dried to avoid resin stains.


Curing the model with UV light is an essential part of the resin printing process. Printed objects are usually soft, so treatment with UV light gives them optimal surface properties.


The CW1 combines 4 important functions in a single device, unlike most other resin printing accessories. Although it is a multi-purpose device, it is very compact (smaller than the SL1) and will save you a lot of space in your workshop.


The CW1 was designed with ease of use in mind. The IR sensor detects whether the liquid container is in the device and displays the function set for selection. The CW1 simply knows in advance what steps to take :)


  • 4 UV LED strips for curing the printed models
  • UV LED Wavelength: 405nm
  • Max. power of the UV LED: 52.8 W
  • EEE group: 3 (IT and/or telecommunications equipment)
  • Power Supply: Input 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 2.0A. Output: 24V, 6.67A, 160W
  • Average power consumption: 130W
  • Max. working temperature range: 16 °C - 38 °C, for indoor use only
  • Working humidity: 85% or less
  • CW1 dimensions: 21.8 x 34.5 x 23.2 cm (D×H×W)
  • CW1 box dimensions: 39 x 46 x 40 cm (D×H×W)


  • Resin preheat (coming soon)
  • Washing with magnet-driven propeller to create a vortex and wash residual resin from the print
  • Dries the print after washing
  • Cures the print with 4 UV LED strips

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