Technical specifications

Construction and technical details
Usable nozzle type MK8
Usable filament diameter 1.75mm
Nozzle temperature max 250ºC
Open filament system Yes
extruder type Bowden
print speed max 100 mm/s (depending on the material)
installation space 220mm x 220mm x 250mm
Heated build platform Yes
Build platform temperature Max 110ºC
Build platform surface Adhesive plate max 80°C
Build platform mount Magnetic
Build platform leveling system BL touch
build space during printing Open
number of extruders 1
Installation Space / Requirements
total weight 15.894kg
working environment temperature 5°C - 45°C
energy consumption max 350W
Tension 1AC: 110V / 230V (50Hz)
2 DC: 24V 15A
power failure backup Yes
memory card Yes, Micro SD
USB Yes, 1x mini-USB
resolution 0.1mm
Packaging 485mm x 495mm x 295mm
shipping weight 17.5kg