Technical specifications

pump system spray pump
Type of corrodible material Mortar. coatings. Glue
filling the pump per waste
Groceries 230V
Maximum transport pressure 30 bars
Maximum transport distance 30 m
pump power 4kW. 230V. 50Hz
Usual material throughput 5L / min
Maximum flow rate 50L/min
Minimum flow rate 1L/min
Maximum grain size 6mm
Fiber Compatibility Yes, up to 25mm and 2% by mass
accuracy 0.5 cm
Print size (XYZ) 660x520x700mm
print speed Up to 300mm/s
Groceries 220V single phase
Type Specific mortar with cementitious base / dry material
Minimum ambient temperature + 5°C
Maximum ambient temperature + 35°C
Start setting at 20°C 30 min
flexural strength 12Mpa
Mechanical compressive strength 75Mpa
grain size 0-2mm
ABRAMS cone weakening 1 inch
density 2.2
Displacement under tension 75 kN < 0.6mm
Contains 1.2 T BigBag or 25kg sacks
preservation 12 months from the date of manufacture, in the original unopened packaging
Amount of water per 100 kg of material 12L