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      Extrudr brings progress to the world of 3D printing. The optimized and strictly quality-controlled filaments offer brilliant printing results. The manufacturer's filaments combine protection from stuck extruders, microbubble formation, contamination from bad inks, and resistance to moisture build-up. The filament diameter is controlled 20,000 times per second by the advanced laser micrometer with an accuracy of 1 μm. This technology makes it possible to produce high-precision filaments for perfect 3D printing results. However, 3D printers calculate the amount of material deposited based on the nominal filament diameter (e.g. 1.75mm). Deviations in filament diameter could lead to layering artifacts in your model. Extrudr stands for quality and sustainability. The raw materials used come from certified suppliers and are 100% new. Extrudr uses high-intensity and non-toxic colors for perfect results.

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