3D-basics Cleaning Needles 15 Stk. - 3D Material-Shop
3D-basics Cleaning Needles 15 Stk. - 3D Material-Shop

3D-basics Cleaning Needles 15 pcs.


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3D-Basics 3D printing cleaning needles for the maintenance of printing nozzles

With the pointed flexible needle, residue and clogging of the nozzle can be easily and effortlessly removed. The needle is made entirely of metal and has been specially selected to withstand the heat of the nozzle.

Application of the 3D-basics Cleaning Needles

Caution: The nozzle is hot and the all-metal construction of the needle dissipates heat well. Wearing gloves is recommended. To remove a clog using the needle method, the size of the needle must be small enough to fit the nozzle. With a standard diameter of 0.4 mm, the 0.3 mm needle works ideally.

  1. Heating up the nozzle to the normal printing temperature for the last filament used. The goal is to clear the constipation.
  2. Insert the needle into the nozzle from below and wiggle it back and forth.
  3. Remove the needle and manually feed the filament through the extruder from above. Press to clear the loosened clog through the nozzle.
  4. If the clog is still not cleared, repeat the steps.

Note: Place used Cleaning Needles in a sharps container for disposal. Dispose of needles at an appropriate waste collection point.

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