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3DGence Strut Dissolving Station (SDS)


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3DGence Prop Dissolving Station (SDS)

Easily remove soluble support material from the printout

With the 3DGence support dissolving station, the user can have all support structures removed without damaging the component itself.

Release your support structures in a controlled, fast and uncomplicated manner. The Support Dissolving System is the perfect add-on device for the 3DGence Industry 3D printer series.

The FFF technology (Fused Filament Fabrication) used by 3DGence is based on the principle of applying a thermoplastic material layer by layer to the work platform and thus connecting it to the previous layers.

The specificity of this technology requires the use of additional support structures. Depending on the material chosen, the carriers are broken off or dissolved. With 3DGence, support structures can be printed from the same printhead as the target model or from an additional dedicated printhead for dual-head printers. Before starting the printing process, a suitable carrier material that is adapted to the model geometry should be selected.

This allows for easy separation of the applied supports from the model after printing is complete. The supports should be removed so as not to damage the model.

Table 8th: Technical data of the 3DGence support dissolving station

power supply

220 240 V AC

rated current

10 A

rated capacity

1 x 240 V (2000 w)

tank volume

55.2 l

operating temperatur

indoor temperature 90 °C

External dimensions of the device


1270 mm


530 mm


640 mm

Inner tank dimensions


360 mm


360 mm


280 mm

Available Connections


Cable 2.5 m, CEE 7/7 compliant plug (Type E, F)

water supply connection

Pipe 1.5 m, connection 1 inch, internal thread

water drain connection

Tube 1.5 m, rubber connector 25 mm

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