Artillery Sidewinder X2 - 3D Material-Shop
Artillery Sidewinder X2 - 3D Material-Shop
Artillery Sidewinder X2 - 3D Material-Shop
Artillery Sidewinder X2 - 3D Material-Shop
Artillery Sidewinder X2 - 3D Material-Shop
Artillery Sidewinder X2 - 3D Material-Shop

Artillery Sidewinder X2


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Artillery Sidewinder X2

Hot-selling desktop 3D printer - ultra-quiet with a large build volume.

Like its predecessor, the new Artillery Sidewinder X2 comes as a DIY kit with a high-precision frame construction and a completely new design.

All important features are listed below:

  • DIY kit All-In-One frame structure
  • high precision paired with sophisticated design
  • ultra-quiet printing
  • extra-large installation space with dimensions of 300 x 300 x 400 mm
  • automatic leveling system
  • synchronized dual Z-axis design
  • Filament runout sensor and power failure protection
  • Color touch screen controls
  • Tempered glass build platform

Intelligent, integrated cable design

Thanks to the integrated cable design, the maintenance is easier and the appearance becomes simpler and more original. This gives the Artillery Sidewinder X2 a high level of integration and more consistent performance.

32-bit motherboard upgrade

Artillery has independently developed a 32-bit motherboard with powerful computing power, good scalability and high stability.

Tempered Glass Build Plate & AC Heatbed

With the tempered glass building platform, the printing is smoother and the models stick well. The AC heating bed has good thermal conductivity, which enables it to heat up quickly. The heating time is 110°C in less than 2 minutes.

Great expectations and unleashed creativity

With an installation space of 300 x 300 x 400 mm, the Artillery Sidewinder X2 provides more space for creative development.

Synchronized dual axle design & patented clutch

Synchronized dual Z-axis design, double spindle and closed-loop timing belt bring good synchronization performance. The exclusive Z-axis clutch frees you from layering patterns, making your prints smoother and giving the model a better quality.

Printing after power outages or filament run out

Artillery Sidewinder X2 has the function of detecting when there is a power outage or filament run out and ensures to resume printing after restoring the previous state. An alarm will sound before the filament runs out so you can print with peace of mind. The previous settings will be resumed after the power failure is recovered, without pausing or repeating the printing. An efficient and practical feature.

Replaceable ultra-quiet stepper driver & ultra-quiet printing

The ultra-quiet system, assisted by exclusive step drivers, has undergone high-load safety testing, with the Artillery Sidewinder X2 operating at low decibel levels throughout the printing process.

Intelligent and automatic leveling of the construction platform

With automatic build platform leveling, intelligence and accurate inspection, the Artillery Sidewinder X2 supports dynamic leveling compensation and frees you from complex, manual leveling.

Self-adaptable broadband power supply

The high-quality system is supported by mature technologies and a stable power supply. A controller allows switching between 100 and 240 volts. This makes the power adapter applicable to most countries and regions in the world.

Exclusive wide voltage - AC heating bed

Characteristic of the Artillery Sidewinder X2 is its exclusive wide-voltage - AC heating bed for rapid heating, protection against overcurrents, protection against overvoltages, protection against short circuits, protection against excessive temperatures and other hazards. This makes the Genius Pro a safe partner.

Intelligent interaction & touch screen control

The Artillery Sidewinder X2 has a 45° inclined man-machine interface for interactions and a high-resolution color touchscreen with print status, function display and parameterization. Everything is presented transparently for simple and convenient operation.

Construction and technical details
Product measurements / dimensions


550 x 405 x 870 mm (with coil holder)

product weight 12.9kg
installation space 300x300x400mm
layer height 0.1mm - 0.35mm
print speed 60mm/s - 150mm/s
travel speed 250mm/s
printing surface tempered glass with coating
heatbed type AC heated bed
number of extruders 1
filament diameter 1.75mm
supported material PLA, ABS, Flexible Materials, Wood, PVA, HIPS
calibration OJ
supply Titan direct drive extruder
XYZ resolution 0.05mm, 0.05mm, 0.1mm
nozzle type Volcano
nozzle diameter 0.4mm
nozzle temperature 180 - 240ºC
Nozzle heating time < 3 minutes
heating time of the building board 80°C in less than 2 minutes
Build plate temperature max. 130°C
operating noise < 70dBA
power consumption 100 - 240V 700W max (with the heatbed on)
control board Artillery Ruby 32
MicroSD card YES
USB stick YES
shipping carton 668x508x310mm
shipping weight 16kg


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