BASF Ultrafuse PAHT CF15 Schwarz - 3D Material-Shop
BASF Ultrafuse PAHT CF15 Schwarz - 3D Material-Shop
BASF Ultrafuse PAHT CF15 Schwarz - 3D Material-Shop

BASF Ultrafuse PAHT CF15


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BASF Ultrafuse PAHT CF15 Filament

Polymer based filament, with high strength and high temperature resistance.

BASF Ultrafuse PAHT CF15 is a newly developed polymer-based filament that offers the user new possibilities in the field of sophisticated 3D printing.

PAHT CF15 has a 15% carbon fiber reinforcement for higher strength and temperature resistance.

Polyamide (also known as nylon) is a thermoplastic material that has a wide range of applications in a wide variety of industries. In this special composition, the material achieves increased dimensional stability, which remains stable up to 150°C of permanent stress. In temporary peak loads, the material can even withstand 180°C.

The carbon fiber content of 15% ensures a pronounced strength and rigidity. The material is easy to print and can even be combined with water-soluble support material. When using water-soluble support material in combination with PAHT, please make sure that the difference in the printing temperature of the two materials is as small as possible.

Like most fiber-reinforced materials, BASF Ultrafuse PAHT CF Filament is ESD suitable. The fibers are suitable for deriving certain fault currents. As a result, the material can be used for electronic covers and housing parts, for example.

Please make sure to use a minimum layer height of 0.2 mm and a clean glass plate for printing. A hardened or gemstone nozzle is also required.

Note: Today's filaments from BASF Ultrafuse were sold under the Innofil3D brand name until the end of 2019. The Dutch manufacturer was previously taken over by the German chemical group BASF. As part of the acquisition, the filaments were renamed and the packaging changed. The print material itself is still the same high-quality filament as before.

material nylon
filament weight 750g
printing temperature
heated bed
Special features
Chemical resistance

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