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BASF Ultrafuse rPET

Sustainability meets performance: InnoCircle is a product line that specializes in the recycling of plastics.


  • High quality PET
  • Consistent
  • Resource-saving

BASF Ultrafuse rPET is the ideal solution for users looking for a high-quality PET with a simultaneous commitment to environmental protection and resource conservation. The material is made exclusively from recycled PET and wound on spools as a filament without the use of additives. This results in a pleasantly cool, blue-transparent look that reproduces the raw material well. At the same time, the printing properties are comparable to the manufacturer's other EPR PET filaments.

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is best known from the production of beverage bottles and its properties will significantly advance the 3D printing industry. Currently, PLA and ABS are the most commonly used monofilaments for 3D printing. PLA is a popular material because it is easy to process. However, it has limitations in terms of stability. Very stable parts can be printed with ABS. However, the processing is not without problems due to the shrinkage process during the cooling phase. The vapors produced during the printing phase of ABS printing can have harmful effects. This is exactly why PET is more than just an alternative:

It is easy to work with and does not produce unhealthy fumes during printing. It is also suitable for detailed prints and recyclable. The printed models also show a high level of stability. The BASF Ultrafuse rPET can be used with almost any 3D printer.

Note: Today's filaments from BASF Ultrafuse were sold under the Innofil3D brand name until the end of 2019. The Dutch manufacturer was previously taken over by the German chemical group BASF. As part of the acquisition, the filaments were renamed and the packaging changed. The print material itself is still the same high-quality filament as before.

material PET
print bed temperature
Special features Recycled
print nozzle temperature
print speed 40-80mm/s
Special Precautions Not mandatory

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