BCN3D Epsilon W50 3D-Drucker - [3dmaterial-shop]
BCN3D Epsilon W50 3D-Drucker - [3dmaterial-shop]
BCN3D Epsilon W50 3D-Drucker - [3dmaterial-shop]

BCN3D Epsilon W50 3D printer


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BCN3D's 3D printing technology creates biomedical models that improve cancer surgeries - BCN3D Technologies

BCN3D Epsilon W50 3D printer

Industrial 3D printer with IDEX dual extruder system and extra-large installation space.

Use the BCN3D Epsilon W50 to additively manufacture precise and detailed parts from different materials and colors.

Product features:

  • Print volume: 420mm x 300mm x 400mm
  • Bondtech's high-performance extruder IDEX system for independent dual-extruder 3D printing

BCN3D Epsilon W50 is a powerful professional 3D printer designed to deliver solid parts with industrial grade materials thanks to features like the passively heated chamber and the fully enclosed housing.

Powered by our IDEX (Independent Dual Extruder) system, the Epsilon W50 delivers exceptionally strong functional parts with quality and precision.

Highlight :

  • Heated bed up to 120°C for printing technical materials and avoiding warping problems.
  • The e3D™ Hotends have been carefully engineered to ensure the smoothest, most reliable extrusion.
  • The BCN3D Epsilon series is equipped with a multilingual touch screen that guides you through the advanced functions.
  • Sturdy aluminum frame for guaranteed strength and durability in your workspace.
  • The Bondtech™ extruders feature high-tech dual drive wheels that offer more control, sharper detail and superior performance for any type of filament.
  • Filament Runout Sensor , registers when the filament runs out and pauses the print process until new material has been loaded.

Create large functional parts with solid mechanical properties

Open up new possibilities with the industrial quality BCN3D filaments to use a variety of technical applications. Developed by the renowned chemical companies: BASF and Mitsubishi Chemical or thanks to our open filament system you can safely work with third-party materials of your choice.

Powered by IDEX Technology

Developed by BCN3D, the disruptive Independent Dual Extrusion System technology makes the difference in 3D printing.

Mirror mode

Mirror mode allows the user to print mirrored designs symmetrically. This significantly speeds up the time required for multiple iterations.

duplication mode

By setting the mode, identical models are printed at the same time. This doubles the production capacity.

Soluble supports mode

In this mode, soluble supports are printed. This achieves the creation of complicated structures and avoids restrictions in the geometry.

multi-material mode

Multi-material mode is a technique that makes it possible to print two different materials. This allows you to combine the properties of the materials.

Construction and technical details
Usable filament diameter 2.85mm
Nozzle temperature max 300ºC
Open filament system Yes
extruder type Bowden Bondtech dual drive gears
installation space 420mm x 300mm x 400mm
Dual build space 420mm x 300mm x 400mm
Build platform temp max 120ºC
Build platform mount bracket
space during the printing process Open or Closed
Build space heated Yes, max 60°C
Filament chamber closed Yes
number of extruders 2
Extruder construction type Dual IDEX - Independent Dual Extruders
Installation Space / Requirements
dimensions total 539mm x 690mm x 900mm
total weight 37kg
Max energy consumption 840W
Tension AC: 84V, 3.6A - 240V, 1.3A (50-60Hz)
Hepa filters Yes
door sensor Yes
Filament Runout Sensor Yes
power failure backup Yes
touch screen Yes
SD card Yes
ethernet port Yes
CloudControl Yes
layer height 0.05 - 0.5mm
Packaging 600mm x 800mm x 1230mm
shipping weight 50kg

BCN3D Epsilon W50

  • 1x BCN3D Epsilon W50 3D printer with 0.4mm hotends
  • 1x glass pressure plate
  • 2x PLA filament spools
  • 2x spool holder
  • 1x Quick Start Guide and warranty documents
  • 1x SD memory card
  • 1x Ethernet cable
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x spatula
  • 3x hex keys
  • 1x needle nose pliers
  • 10x shims for print head leveling
  • 1x USB dongle
  • 1x cold device cable
  • 1x nylon cleaning filament
  • 1x Magigoo adhesive stick 50ml
  • 1x Calibration Gauge for print bed leveling
  • 1x sample part for print quality

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