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DimaFix Spray 400ml


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DimaFix Spray 400ml

DimaFix Spray can be used to ensure good adhesion during printing and to fix your object during printing, thus avoiding any warping. DimaFix is ​​an aerosol spray adhesive for 3D printers that have a heated print bed. The bed should be heated to over 60°C for DimaFix to take effect. DimaFix Spray is inactive below 60ºC. The adhesive aerosol spray then creates a strong bond between the glass of the print bed and the first layer of plastic on your print model. The adhesive spray is completely water soluble, so cleaning up the build plate afterwards is easy.

When using materials such as ABS , CPE+, PC or PP that require a higher print bed temperature, Dimafix Spray is a very good solution. The maximum adhesion range is between 90° and 140°C. At different pressure bed temperatures, this also results in different degrees of adhesion:

Different print bed temperatures lead to different adhesion values:

  • Below 60ºC: Poor adhesion, the objects can be detached from the plate.
  • 60 - 75ºC: Medium adhesion, for simple geometries.
  • 75 - 95ºC: High adhesion, for complex geometries and long prints.
  • Above 95ºC: Very high adhesion, for very complex geometries and very long prints.


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