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Kimya TPC-ESD - 3D Material-Shop
Kimya TPC-ESD - 3D Material-Shop
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Kimya TPC-ESD Natural Filament

Flexible filament with ESD protection for electrically sensitive components.

Kimya TPC-ESD is an ESD-safe flexible 3D printing material from French manufacturer Kimya. The material is one of the thermoplastic copolyester elastomers. ESD stands for electrostatic discharge. Electrostatic discharges are voltage breakdowns caused by large potential differences.


  • ESD protection
  • Easy to print
  • elongation > 400%

ESD materials are often used for housing parts of electrical components. If, for example, there is a broken cable and a live wire comes into contact with the housing, the Kimya TPC-ESD would discharge the residual current. It is a conductive material with high resistance. The flexible material has a shore hardness of 91A.

In addition to electrical conductivity, Kimya TPC-ESD also offers a number of other advantages: The material has high chemical resistance, is easy to print and offers very high flexibility. The maximum extensibility is > 400% .

Applications for Kimya TPC ESD Filament

Kimya TPC-ESD is an industrial plastic that is used, for example, by the automotive and aerospace industries. Brackets and jigs are often printed from this material. Housing parts for robot arms or spare parts for machines require ESD protection.

material TPC
print nozzle temperature 240 - 260°C
print bed temperature
Special features
ESD safe
Special Precautions
Print bed adhesion recommended

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