Magigoo Pro HT Klebestift 50 ml für Hochtemperaturfilamente - [3dmaterial-shop]
Magigoo Pro HT Klebestift 50 ml für Hochtemperaturfilamente - [3dmaterial-shop]
Magigoo Pro HT Klebestift 50 ml für Hochtemperaturfilamente - [3dmaterial-shop]

Magigoo Pro HT glue stick 50 ml for high temperature filaments


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Magigoo Pro HT Glue Stick 50ml

This 3D printing adhesive was designed for professional use to work at high printing temperatures. The printed component/model should be relatively easy to remove once it has cooled and the adhesive residue should also be easy to remove.

WHY: High-temperature materials like PEEK are advanced engineering thermoplastics that offer improved mechanical and chemical stability at elevated temperatures compared to traditional thermoplastics. Other materials include PEKK, Ultem and PPSU and their carbon fiber reinforced counterparts. Because of their high temperature and other exceptional properties, these materials are in high demand in high-temperature and high-performance applications such as the automotive and aerospace industries. In addition, these materials are also in demand in chemistry, petrochemistry, medicine and research.

Due to their higher tendency to warp, high-temperature filaments have proven to be challenging materials for FDM printing. These materials are typically printed at elevated temperatures due to their high temperature properties. Magigoo Pro HT is a special solution for FDM printing of PEEK filaments, designed to work at elevated printing temperatures.


Magigoo Pro HT is designed and tested to work with an anode temperature of 150°C or lower.

Shake the bottle.
Apply to the desired area by pressing the spring on the bed (activation of the inner valve) and spread as needed.
Print according to the filament/printer manufacturer's recommendations.
Let cool and take out. The pressure should come up immediately.
Clean - Wipe with a damp cloth.


Using this product with non-PEEK filament may cause over-adhesion and damage your building's finish. Follow the instructions in the technical data sheet for best results.


A 20mm margin is recommended for larger prints.

Magigoo HT was developed for glass surfaces, but also works on high-temperature Garolith and other building materials.

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