Raise3D Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit - [3dmaterial-shop]
Raise3D Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit - [3dmaterial-shop]
Raise3D Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit - [3dmaterial-shop]
Raise3D Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit - [3dmaterial-shop]
Raise3D Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit - [3dmaterial-shop]
Raise3D Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit - [3dmaterial-shop]
Raise3D Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit - [3dmaterial-shop]

Raise3D Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit (Pro3 Series Only)


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Raise3D Hyper Speed ​​Upgrade Kit (Pro3 Series Only)

The Hyper Speed ​​Upgrade Kit (Pro3 series only) is the first product of Raise3D's Hyper FFF technology. The upgrade increases the print speed of a Pro3 series 3D printer from an average of 50-80 mm/s to 200-350 mm/s and the acceleration from 1,000 mm/s2 to 10,000 mm/s2 without any loss in accuracy or part quality arises.

A 3D printer equipped with a Hyper Speed ​​upgrade can process 600-1,000 grams of filament within 24 hours, which means that all parts under 400 grams are ready within 12 hours.

Product Specifications:

  • Packing size (WxDxH): 570 x 260 x 80 mm
  • Weight with packaging: 3.5 kg

This product requires activation after purchase:

  1. Complete the purchase on the Raise3D website (US) or your local authorized dealer (EU and other territories).
  2. Wait until you receive the ordered product package
  3. You will find the upgrade letter with upgrade code in the package
  4. Upgrade your Pro3 Series printer

The kit includes:

  • An upgrade letter
  • software upgrades
  • Two Hyper Speed ​​Hot Ends 0.4mm (Pro3 series only)
  • A Hyper Speed ​​Auto Calibrator (Pro3 series only)
  • One spool of Hyper Speed ​​PLA (Color: White. Specifications: 1 kg/ 1.75 mm)
  • One spool of Hyper Speed ​​​​ABS (Color: Natural. Specifications: 1 kg/ 1.75 mm)

Please note that for Hyper Speed ​​to function properly, Hyper Speed ​​Hot Ends 0.4mm (Pro3 Series only), Hyper Speed ​​Auto Calibrator (Pro3 Series only) and Hyper Speed Filament installed on a Pro3 series printer enabled with Hyper speed mode. Missing any of these components may result in printing errors.

Please note that a Hyper Speed ​​Upgrade Kit can only be applied once to a single Pro3 series 3D printer. If you want to have the Hyper Speed ​​upgrade on multiple Pro3 series 3D printers, please purchase the appropriate number of Hyper Speed ​​upgrade kits.


The results obtained by installing the HUK3 in the Pro3 series and using filament from the high-speed lines are impressive and clearly set it apart from all other professional printers:


Volume Velocity

shell speed

infill speed


material requirements

Current pro

The best printers on the market



25 to


80 to


500 to


100 to

200g per day

Pro3 series with full

HUK3D installation

3 to 5×


120 to


200 to


5000 to


600 to

1,000g per day

*All results with 0.4 mm nozzle and 0.2 mm layer height.

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