Shining3D Accufab-D1s Dental 3D-Drucker - [3D Material-Shop]
Shining3D Accufab-D1s Dental 3D-Drucker - [3D Material-Shop]
Shining3D Accufab-D1s Dental 3D-Drucker - [3D Material-Shop]
Shining3D Accufab-D1s Dental 3D-Drucker - [3D Material-Shop]

Shining3D Accufab-D1s Dental 3D Printer


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Shining3D Accufab-D1s Dental 3D Printer

The Shining 3D brand Accufab-D1s 3D printer is a device specially designed to meet the needs of dental technicians . From a 3D file obtained via a 3D scanner or provided by a dentist or orthodontist , you can print your prostheses (models, crowns, implant bars, bridges, metal frames, gutters and other created prostheses) in dental resin / castable resin in the CAD). Especially precise, all you have to do is configure your prints in a few clicks and start on your computer!

Maximum precision (layer thickness)

25 microns

Print bed dimensions

1 44x81x160mm


Up to 50 mm/h (depending on the selected resin)

Compatible Materials

Synthetic resin ortho model, pourable, dental model, drilling template

Accufab-D1's 3D print samples

Fast print speed

With its large volume of 144 x 81 x 160 mm and its printing speed of 50 mm/h, the AccuFab-D1s is capable of printing up to 4 arch models in 1 hour and multiple surgical guides in less than 30 minutes.

Complete resin tank V3

  • Solid material instead of foil. A broken point does not affect the rest of the range.
  • The life of the resin tank is extended by 400% with this new version of the resin tank, it can support 100,000 layers of printing.
  • The NFC function makes it possible to record the usage of the resin tank (how many layers have been printed).
  • The stackable lid for the resin tank allows for short-term storage of the material (recommendation: <72 hours).

Reliable and robust

  • Anti-dust design to prevent excessive dust from falling on the projector lens.
  • Improved projector contraction with optimized heat dissipation.
  • Magnetic frame for dustproof glass. Easy to maintain.

Accuware software

The "Accuware" 3D printing software for the Shining 3D AccuFab-D1s 3D printer is a complete, ready-to-use print configuration and management tool. Import the CAD file into Accuware print preparation software to set up the print and easily send to the 3D printer. It also supports smart media creation and one-click printing, delivering an easy-to-use printing experience with superior consistent and repeatable accuracy.

Accufab-D1's unboxing video

Technical specifications

machine name Accufab D1s
Dimensions of the machine 394x406x755mm
machine weight 30kg
print size 144*81*160mm
print speed 50mm/hr
XY resolution 75 microns
printing precision +/- 35 microns
layer thickness 25 - 100 microns
screen resolution 1920x1080, 1080p
resin compatibilities Shining 3D + 3rd party resins
interface USB/Ethernet/WLAN
Eat 220V 360W

User Guide

File:PDF file icon.svg - Wikipedia _

installation Guide

File:PDF file icon.svg - Wikipedia

Slicing Software - AccuWare

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