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Shining3D Ortho Model OD02 Resin


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Shining3D Ortho Model OD01 Resin

suitable for Shining3D AccuFab-L4K

  • Vacuum forming for aligners
  • High heat resistance
  • Very fine details

Ortho Model OD02 is designed for quick and easy printing of dental models intended for, but not limited to, vacuum forming of orthodontic aligners. The resin comes in a 1 kg container and is available in brown.

Ortho model is a 405nm photopolymer with great heat resistance and surface quality. At the same time, it is simple and straightforward for printing and post-processing, making it an ideal choice for orthomodel printing.

  • Application: vacuum forming for aligners
  • Available in brown
  • The material is available in 1 kg containers

Physical Properties - Liquid state

Color Brown
Viscosity @25℃ | cps 303
wavelength 405nm
Recommended curing time (min) 10

Mechanical Properties - Post-cured parts

Characteristic Value testing method
Hardness, Shore D 78 ASTM D 2240
elastic modulus 1630.3(1034.78 @greenstate) ASTM D638
Bending modulus, MPa 962.76(615.7 @greenstate) ASTM D790
Flexural strength, MPa 40.43(25.92 @greenstate) ASTM D790
Tensile strength, MPa 37.67(36.77 @greenstate) ASTM D638
Elongation at break, % 19.63(22.72 @greenstate) ASTM D638

Delivery & Storage

net weight 1 KG
Processing temperature ℃ 20-30
humidity % 40-60%
storage temperature ℃ -10-60
Storage Humidity % 5%~90%RH
bottle size mm D90*225
Packing size mm 125*125*265
gross weight 1.1KG

Color: Brown
Light source: LCD
Resin category: Dental

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