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TreeD PMMA Hirma Acryl Filament 1.75mm 500g


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TreeD PMMA acrylic filament - sometimes it's good to be "invisible".

A lightweight thermoplastic that can be made transparent by acetone or certain resins.

Modified PMMA, with high scratch and impact resistance.

Impresses with good UV resistance and is therefore also suitable for outdoor use.

PMMA is a good alternative to PC because it is easier to print and still has high impact resistance.

  • Printing temperature: 230°C -5°/+ 10°
  • Plate temperature: 110°C -10°/+5°
  • Plate Coating: BuildTak, Kapton, Bluetape
  • Maximum print speed: 30-50mm/s
  • Material on roll: 500g
  • Colour: Clear
  • Diameter: 1.75mm

material data sheet

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