Zaxe Z3 3D-Drucker - [3dmaterial-shop]
Zaxe Z3 3D-Drucker - [3dmaterial-shop]
Zaxe Z3 3D-Drucker - [3dmaterial-shop]
Zaxe Z3 3D-Drucker - [3dmaterial-shop]
Zaxe Z3 3D-Drucker - [3dmaterial-shop]
Zaxe Z3 3D-Drucker - [3dmaterial-shop]
Zaxe Z3 3D-Drucker - [3dmaterial-shop]
Zaxe Z3 3D-Drucker - [3dmaterial-shop]
Zaxe Z3 3D-Drucker - [3dmaterial-shop]
Zaxe Z3 3D-Drucker - [3dmaterial-shop]
Zaxe Z3 3D-Drucker - [3dmaterial-shop]
Zaxe Z3 3D-Drucker - [3dmaterial-shop]
Zaxe Z3 3D-Drucker - [3dmaterial-shop]
Zaxe Z3 3D-Drucker - [3dmaterial-shop]
Zaxe Z3 3D-Drucker - [3dmaterial-shop]
Zaxe Z3 3D-Drucker - [3dmaterial-shop]
Zaxe Z3 3D-Drucker - [3dmaterial-shop]
Zaxe Z3 3D-Drucker - [3dmaterial-shop]
Zaxe Z3 3D-Drucker - [3dmaterial-shop]
Zaxe Z3 3D-Drucker - [3dmaterial-shop]
Zaxe Z3 3D-Drucker - [3dmaterial-shop]
Zaxe Z3 3D-Drucker - [3dmaterial-shop]

Zaxe Z3 3D printer


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Zaxe Z3 3D printer

The Zaxe Z3 3D printer allows the simultaneous use of several different materials and filaments of different colors to increase the efficiency of the production process.

With a fully enclosed print volume of 400 x 300 x 350 mm, the Zaxe Z3 offers users a fast and stable printing experience. The machine combines the strong mechanical structure of the CoreXY system with the precise stepping function of the new generation Klipper system to ensure the printer is quieter, faster and more durable.


New generation print head
An innovative design for manufacturers of high-end parts. Thanks to Bondtech and reduction gears, it keeps the filament flow continuous. Thanks to the redesigned cooling channels and filament path, the Z3 offers superior performance and works in full harmony with industrial filaments.

E3D V6 Titan hot end
The new generation E3D V6 Titanium print head prevents clogging and extends its lifespan. It gives you a powerful, non-stop 3D printing experience, even with the toughest materials.


Aim high with the new design
The cases are made of high-quality 3D printing materials applied to the ultra-lightweight and rigid metal structure to protect the entire sophisticated system. With the mechanical system built on the steel body, you can achieve precise tolerances, and with the new design structure in which the electronic system is isolated, you can achieve trouble-free results in long prints.

Thanks to the extremely stable metal housing, your prints will not be affected by vibrations, even at the highest speeds. Your 3D printing process will be clearer and easier than ever when you get to know the stable, durable and robust 3D printer.


Easily remove your prints from the PEI table without the need for any other tools. It can be bent easily as it is made of spring steel.

Textured or smooth
The first layer must always be perfect. You can choose between a smooth or textured surface depending on your needs.

Thanks to its magnetic structure, it can be easily removed from the build plate and effortlessly reattached.


The new Z Series achieves its high performance and precise stepping capabilities thanks to the Zboard's 32-bit, 168MHz STM 32 ARM processor. It is now much faster and more stable than ever.

Secure and stable connection
The zBoard is packed with security features to ensure safe and quality printing, and has a backup for every possible scenario. Each of its ports is equipped with noise canceling technology to make your printing experience more stable than ever.

cooling system
We've engineered an optimized cooling system to cool the powerful processor inside our zBoard so you can unleash its full potential.


The Zaxe Z3 is equipped with a HEPA filter and features a new generation E3D print head.


With the xCloud application, you no longer have to wait at your printer. You can track the print by instantly accessing the print details and snapshots.

Technical details of the Zaxe Z3

Dimensions: 585x665x667mm
Build volume: 400 x 300 x 350 mm
Pressure area: Closed, thermally insulated
Control panel: 7" color touch screen
Printhead: Single, Titan E3D V6
Calibration: Fully Automatic & Z Tilt
Protection against power failures: Yes
Filament Sensor: Yes
Filter: HEPA + carbon filter
Warranty period: 24 months

print properties

Nozzle Diameter: 0.25/0.4/0.5/0.6mm
Layer resolution: 50 - 400 microns
Bed Material: Heated Flexible PEI Magnetic Build Board
Bed Max Temp.: 110°C
Extruder Max Temp.: 300°C

software and connectivity
Software: xDesktop
Supported file types: .stl, .amf, .gcode
Connections: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, Flash Disk

Material feed: filament spool
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Supported Materials: PLA, ABS, PETG, Nylon, Flex and Carbon Fiber, Wood, Copper, Metal Filled Filaments

Printing technology: FFF-FDM
installation space: from 30 cm
Extruder: single

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