extrudr GreenTec Pro Carbon 1,75mm 800g mit Kohlefasern - 3D Material-Shop
extrudr GreenTec Pro Carbon 1,75mm 800g mit Kohlefasern - 3D Material-Shop

extrudr GreenTec Pro Carbon 1.75mm 800g with carbon fibers


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Extruder GreenTEC Pro Carbon

Extrudr's vision was to develop a biomaterial that combines the best of both worlds - biodegradable filament GreenTEC Pro, made from renewable raw materials and the strength of technical carbon composites, which are used for various purposes in motorsport, aerospace, but can also be used in medicine. The material is characterized by a low specific weight, high temperature resistance and high rigidity.

  • High resilience
  • Suitable for lightweight construction
  • High thermal resilience 165°C (Vicat VST)
  • Comparable UV stability such as ASA
  • REACH & Rohs
  • Hardened nozzle min. 0.5mm is recommended

Maximum load

Extrudr GreenTEC Pro Carbon is fiber reinforced and therefore offers exceptional mechanical properties.

elongation at break

The carbon fibers create a very hard and stiff material, ideal for high pressure loads.

heat resistance

The fiber content improves the heat resistance (VICAT), but also the HDT value of the material under load.

difficulty level

Carbon is very abrasive. We therefore recommend a hardened nozzle. The carbon fiber stabilizes the material and therefore reduces distortion and stabilizes the plastic melt during "bridging". Therefore, it is very suitable for beginners.

visual quality

Small carbon fibers stick out at right angles to the printed surface, which generates a very nice matt surface and hides layer errors. The print object therefore looks very high quality.

layer liability

The challenge was to generate good layer adhesion with the highest possible carbon content. We have achieved this goal with special biological additives. We recommend a printing temperature of approx. 230-240°C. The material can be printed from approx. 200°C, whereby the adhesion of the layers suffers significantly. As a first step, we therefore recommend printing a "Heattower" and thus finding the ideal settings for the respective device.

impact resistance

The fiber content makes the material very resilient and therefore withstands impact very well.

Material: BIO, carbon, fiber filled
Color: Black
Diameter: 1.75mm
net weight: 800g

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